Taekwon-Do For Youth Ages 8 to 12

Traditional Reward System

Inherent in the Bettencourt's Taekwon-Do America reward system is short-term goal setting. This is a valuable aid to a system of successive goals that are reachable in a reasonable amount of time The curriculum was developed by the school's President and Grand Master Instructor, Steven Ruiz Bettencourt, an 8th Degree Black-Belt who also holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology. The particular curriculum is designed by age group so the feelings of competence, confidence and achievement become habit. The Taekwon-Do belt system serves this function as each student satisfies the requirements for each belt as short-term goals. As each belt is acquired, the long-term goal of Black-Belt appears more achievable. At Bettencourt's Taekwon-Do America, the belt system is as follows: white, yellow stripe, yellow, green stripe, green, blue stripe, blue and red stripe, red, black stripe and black. There are nine levels of Black-Belt.

Other rewards include: