World Musado Federation

Statement of Purpose

The World Musado Federation serves as a community leader in maintaining traditional values, quality of instruction and to deliver our mission of excellence to the public. This is accomplished through local, national and international publications, ongoing media coverage of events and achievements of World Musado Federation members. In addition, the World Musado Federation maintains high standards for integrity, professionalism and public safety.

The World Musado Federation was established to provide leadership and technical support to legitimate traditional martial arts intructors, in building a relationship of respect, dignity and cooperation. The World Musado Federation strives to provide a link between traditional martial arts instructors to foster a philisophical alliance and peer relationships. The World Musado Federation will strive to build its reputation and purpose to be recognized as a professional and legitimate guiding force to all traditional martial arts schools, and to serve the world community by maintaining only the highest quality membership. THe World Musado Federation was developed as an expansion of Bettencourt's Taekwon-Do America. It compliments Bettencourt's Taekwon-Do America in that other martial arts schools can benefit from the curriculum and guidance of Grand Master Bettencourt as more affiliate schools join the World Musado Federation. The mission and membership ties, thus gaining worldwide recognition. Expanding the World Musado Federation will only enhance the strength and stability of Bettencourt's Taekwon-Do America, and all those affiliate schools testing for Black Belt under Grand Master Bettencourt. Grand Master Bettencourt's goal is to invite many schools into the World Musado Federation philosophy of creating peace in the world through community involvement.