Taekwon-Do For Children Ages 4 to 8

Tiny Tigers Program

The Tiny Tigers Program follows the belief that it is never too early to begin with skills to inspire confidence, self-motivation, and self-control. Through a carefully planned program tailored for the youngest among us (ages 4 to 8), here are the basic rules for our Tiny Tigers ("Tiny Tiger Creed"):

If you can follow these rules and wish to learn about Traditional Martial Arts in our Traditional Taekwon-Do Program along with forms (hyung, poomsae, kata), board-breaking and fun non-contact sparring you are ready for Tiny Tigers classes at the Bettencourt's Taekwon-Do America.

Bettencourt's Taekwon-Do America will gladly schedule a private lesson to evaluate 3 year olds to determine if they are ready to participate in the Tiny Tigers Program.

Tiny Tiger Graduation Requirements

To graduate into the Youth program from Tiny Tigers here are the requirements:

Grand Master Bettencourt's Article on Youth Programs and Motivation